EIG reported gross written premiums for August, 2016 amounted to EUR 21.8 mm

September 17, 2016

For the first eight months of 2016 the GWP of EIG registered 7.5% growth amounted to EUR 161.7 mm compared to EUR 150.5 mm for January-August 2015, according to preliminary data.

Euroins Bulgaria reported a decline in premiums in the first eight months by nearly 15%, which is the result of accounted in May’2015 EUR11.6 million from active reinsurance. If you eliminate the above one-off effect of reinsurance, the direct insurance business of Euroins Bulgaria was increased by 19% for the first eight months of 2016.

Euroins Romania registered above 17% growth in premiums for the first eight months. As a result of the rapid pace of development in recent years, Euroins Romania is now the third company by market share on the Romanian insurance market. Currently, the company focuses on quality and diversification of its insurance portfolio through detailed market segmentation, which significantly reduces the levels of risk taken. For the current year the goal of management is to keep the market position and to improve significantly the financial result.

HDI Ukraine is already part of the group of Euroins Insurance Group (EIG), after Germany-based Talanx Group transferred the 99% of shares of the Ukrainian company to EIG on 12th of August. The newly acquired insurance company will begin to consolidate in EIG as of 12th of August 2016. For the eight months the GWP of HDI Ukraine amounted to EUR 7.7 million.

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