Eurohold, parent company of EuroIns Insurance Group, supported the Powers Summit 2022 - Business and Innovation Forum

December 20, 2022

The main topics of the forum were health care, energy, recovery and sustainability plan, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

The Powers Summit is a business forum for open and constructive dialogue between business leaders, science, the civil sector and the leadership teams of parliamentary parties. The forum aims to invest the collective intelligence of the country in the creation of sustainable solutions for the future of Bulgaria.

At the Powers Summit 2022, which took place at Sofia Tech Park on December 20th, business spoke, represented by the chairmen of industry chambers, industry associations and business leaders, and politicians listened and made concrete commitments on which of the priorities set by business, the relevant parliamentary group or minister will work within the next 6 to 12 months. The main mission of the Powers Summit Forum is to draw clear guidelines for the development of industries and their clear articulation to the media and the governing authority, which should follow them in the interest of business and people, and to make the corresponding commitment for this.