Euroins Greece has won the award for its Corporate Social Responsibility for 2019

April 05, 2019

Euroins Greece has won the Corporate Social Responsibility Award for 2019 at the Loyalty Awards in Athens. Some of the company’s main CSR projects which are supported through the years are:

* Cycling World Champions - Christos and Zapheiris Volkakis

* 1st Greek Handicap Car Driver - Panayiotis Paraskevopoulos

* Foundations:

   Smile of the Child

   Merimna Patras

   Association of Women with Breast Cancer "Alma Zois"

   Race for the Cure Marathon

   Asylum Anaton in Patra

   Elpis Oncology Foundation

   Cultural Associations

   Holy Metropolises throughout Greece

* Donations for the Greek Army

* Donations of alcohol - meters to the Traffic Police throughout the territory of Greece for  prevention of road accidents

* Equipment, renovations and building infrastructure (such as stadiums, computer rooms, microphone facilities) in schools throughout Greece (kindergartens, Primary, High Schools, Lyceums, special education schools)

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 Euroins Greece team