Euroins Insurance Group received a certificate of appreciation for donation and support of the causes of the national student competition "Mlad Blagotvoritel"

June 24, 2024

The company supported and provided funds for the implementation of the seven ranked projects in the competition with the highest marks for the implementation of the planned activities.

For the fifth year in a row, Euroins Insurance Group supports and donates funds to the youth competition. Through the competition, children not only present their ideas and projects, but also earn funds for their realization. Some of them even later grow into businesses.

During the competition "Mlad Blagotvoritel", the children undergo training in which they learn presentation skills, financial literacy, budgeting, teamwork and several other qualities and teachings.From the Foundation "Mlad Blagotvoritel" and the partners of the competition, the children receive moral, mentoring and friendly support for the presentation and implementation of the projects.

This year, over 40 teams from all over the country took part in the competition and the finalists are as follows:

In the category: Innovative entrepreneurship with a cause: "Different, but together - united in sports" - Vocational High School of Economics "Dr. Ivan Bogorov", city of Varna, Funded with BGN 1,200

In the thematic areas of the competition:

1st place "Melodies of Our Heritage" - students from the First Language High School, Varna . Funded with BGN 1,500.

2nd place "I think with my heart" - students from the Professional High School of Light Industry, Ecology and Chemical Technologies, Yambol. Funded with BGN 1,200.

3rd place "Eco Wars from the High School" - students from the Science and Mathematics High School "Acad. Sergey Korolev" city of Blagoevgrad. Funded with BGN 1,000.

4th place "Let's protect the urban hedgehogs" - students, members of the "PanGeia" club/ youth environmental protection organization at WWF Bulgaria/ and graduates of NEG "Prof. Konstantin Galabov" and National Science and Mathematics High School "Acad. Lyubomir Chakalov" Sofia. Funded with BGN 800.

5th place "Lend a hand - make a child happy" - students from the Vocational High School of Economics "Georgi Stoykov Rakovski", Yambol. Funded with BGN 800.

5th place "Dream Dress" - students from PGO "Princess Maria Luisa", Sofia. Funded with BGN 800.

6th place "Bright well with living water" - students from "Tsvetan Radoslavov" Secondary School, Svishtov, Svishtov. Funded with BGN 800.

The Official   jury in composition:

Valeriya Chankova - Journalist, over 20 years of experience in television (bTV and Nova), now producer at bTV News

Desislava Elenkova - Corporate Communications and Advertising Director at Euroins Insurance Group AD - partners and donors in the competition

Dr. Miglena Damyanova - Senior teacher of philosophy and civic education MG "Baba Tonka Ruse" Ruse, Doctor of Philosophy of law and politics. Chairman of the regional commission for evaluating projects of the National Olympiad in "Civic Education".

Milena Andreeva – Employee in the Administration of the Council of Ministers. He has many years of experience in the field of youth policies. Mentor of young researchers.

Nasko Stamenov - Chemistry teacher at NPMG "Acad. Lyubomir Chakalov". Teacher and communicator of science. Participates in the preparation of students for international competitions in natural sciences. Leads his column in the show "100% awake".

Tatiana Hristova – Professional certified coach of middle and senior management level leaders; co-founder of the company WeCoach.Team.

Teodora Bakardzhieva - Executive Director of the "Bulgarian Donor Forum".