Euroins Insurance Group supported the implementation of the National Survey "Best Hospitals" in Bulgaria for 2018

March 28, 2019

On March 25, 2019, at the InterContinental Hotel Sofia, with the support of Euroins Insurance Group, was presented an official  survey and ranking  featuring the best medical institutions in Bulgaria in 7 key specialties.

The ranking covers the most important criteria for this kind of medical institutions regarding technology, specialization, personnel and quality of services. The rating is based on a multi-component index for evaluation. The index is built on an international methodology to further track the dynamics of individual hospitals on health services provided. The index covers 4 main pillars: Study among patients in hospital; doctoral study, hospital management survey, hospital objective criteria analysis (level of accreditation, number of habilitated specialists, number of operations, etc.).

For the best hospital in the country, specialty " Gynecology" was announced "Nadezhda Hospital for Women's Health". In the specialty "Cardiology" the prize went to "Acibadem City Clinic ". "Complex Oncology Center - Plovdiv" received the most points in the National Ranking, in the field of Oncology. Trakia Hospital - Stara Zagora city was ranked first in two specialties - "Orthopedics and Traumatology" and "Ears, nose and throat". In the specialty "Pediatrics" first place took "Sveta Marina" - Varna. The best hospital on national level, in the specialty "Surgery" was awarded Tokuda-" Acibadem City Clinic".

The "Best Hospitals" National Survey is organized by the Investor Media Group and the Bulgarian Hospital Association and institutional partners: the Ministry of Health and the Bulgarian Medical Association. Media partners, Bloomberg TV Bulgaria,,, Bulgaria ON AIR

The CEO of Euroins Insurance Group Mr. Kiril Boshov was attending the event and took part at the discussion about the situation in the Bulgarian health assurance"In most developed countries insurers play a major role in health care and they compete successfully with the various state health funds. Our idea is that, in order for the patient to receive quality healthcare at a reasonable price, it is only in the conditions of competition, which is at all levels in the health system. The patient can choose a hospital as well as make choices between state and private health care facilities.”