Evgeny Ignatov, CEO Euroins Greece meets with Greek Minister of Health, Mr. Vassilis Kikilias

May 21, 2021

The CEO of Euroins Greece, Mr. Evgeny Ignatov, met with the Minister of Health, Mr. Vassilis Kikilias, accompanied by the Deputy Director, Mr. Athanasios Smyrnis, and the Compliance Manager, Ms. Areti Maniatis.

Mr Kikilias thanked Euroins Greece for donations of sanitary equipment and consumables during the difficult period of the Covid 19 pandemic, stressing, among other things, that "the pandemic demonstrated most clearly the importance of public-private partnership in times of crisis". and praised the role of private donors who "supported the National Health System in every way, contributing decisively to its shielding".

On his part, Mr. Ignatov assured the Minister of Health that Euroins Greece, part of Euroins Insurance Group, will remain a helper in social actions, within the framework of the corporate social responsibility that governs the group in all countries where it operates.

Mr. Ignatov also stressed that "Euroins Greece” has been active in Greece since 2014 and has shown from the beginning that is aware of all the critical moments that Greek society has suffered due to the economic crisis of recent years and the pandemic.

Within this, the Company declares itself socially active and through the social responsibility actions as well as through the investment declarations the "present" in the effort of Greece for growth and prosperity. 



Mr.Evgeny Ignatov, CEO Euroins Greece   Mr. Vassilis Kikilias, Greek Minister of Health