Jeroen van Leeuwen, COO of EuroIns Insurance Group, in front of magazine Grupo Aseguranza, Spain

November 12, 2021

News Source: Grupo Aseguranza

EUROINS Spokesperson: Jeroen van Leeuwen, CCO of EUROINS

ebroker Spokesman:Higinio Iglesias , CEO of ebroker


Our goal is to grow improving our existing products and offering new ones according to the current needs of brokers and customers.



What are EUROINS’ lines of activity?

J.van L. Since 2008 EUROINS operates in the insurance market in Spain; we are authorised by the DGSFP in Spain to work under freedom of services. With its headquartered in Bulgaria, EUROINS is part of Euroins Insurance Group (EIG), one of the largest independent groups in the insurance markets in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and also in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). EIG has a market share of over 7% in the South East Europe region, with more than 3 million customers, 3,500 employees and annual revenues of 468 million euros.Our main value lies in offering a complete range of products in the fields of general, health and life insurance. Especially noteworthy is our car insurance, with which we started out in Spain  EIG operates in 14 European countries and has subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Belarus and Greece. EIG is also present in Poland, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany.

In turn Euroins Insurance Group is part of Eurohold Bulgaria, the largest public holding company in Bulgaria by revenue and one of the leading financial services and utilities groups in Central and Eastern Europe, listed in Sofia and Warsaw. The company has 25 years of history, 1.5 billion Euros in annual revenues, 1.5 billion Euros in assets, 7 million customers and has made more than 30 acquisitions in recent years.

 When did it enter the Spanish insurance market and how does it operate in Spain?

J.van L. We began operating in Spain thirteen years ago. We have extensive international experience which allows us to adapt easily to different markets. Spain is characterized by its dynamism within the insurance market. However, we have successfully managed to adapt our services to the customer’s needs.During this time in Spain we have managed to adapt our services to our customer’s needs and we have done so successfully.  

We are committed to distribution through brokers. This channel provides what the client needs: quality and personalized advice. For us, the figure of the broker allows us to understand our customer’s needs while at the same time facilitating the explanation of the policies and their wording at the time of issuing them and, what is more important, to always be with them when an accident occurs to give them the best assistance in the processing of any claim. We currently collaborate with more than 100 brokers and we are constantly working to expand our network. 

In this sense, our collaboration with ebroker is key. It is our very trusted partner. Our alliance since 2019 has been decisive. Thanks to its platform and wide network of insurance brokers we are achieving the expected success and offering our customers the best service and attention at the best price.

 Which are its main areas of operations and projects?

J.van L. One of our main products is precisely car insurance, which we offer through a wide network of insurance brokers. Likewise, we want to promote the rest of the products and strengthen our relationship with the insurance broker and end customer. At Euroins we are committed to the continuous development of technology, an example of which is our collaboration with ebroker. In this way, we optimize the processes between insurance companies and brokers. Thanks to this collaboration, we know what the broker's needs are and from there we develop the most appropriate solution by adapting our products. Quality and price go hand in hand in all our services to obtain one of our main objectives, which is to achieve customer satisfaction.

 What are the next stages of your development in Spain?

J.van L. We are facing a more complex context due to the pandemic. Despite this, we are constantly assessing the possibility of developing and introducing new products according to our customers’ needs and the requirements of our brokers. For us, the main focus is to respond to the requests of brokers, as we consider them to be essential because of their link with customers. They are also our sales representatives in the market. For all these reasons, we want to expand our product line to adapt to the market and our customers’ needs, and we want these products to grow horizontally. We also want to expand our sales network.

We are also making great progress in digitization, which is allowing us to grow in all the countries in which we operate. In this sense, we have managed to simplify processes and offer a faster and more complete service to adapt to the needs of the most demanding customers. For example, one of the services we offer is the possibility for each of our customers to have their policy on their phone or e-mail. This way, they can read and sign it electronically without having to do it in person.

Distribution is done through brokers and with the support of the ebroker platform. Is the aim to expand the range of products and services?

J.van L. Indeed, our goal is to grow, improving our existing products and offering new ones according to the current needs of brokers and customers. We want to meet the needs of brokers in order to offer our products. We adjust our services according to this.   

It's been more than two years since you collaborate with ebroker and offer  motor insurance through their technological platform. Why did you choose a partner like ebroker?

J.van L. Working with ebroker is essential for us in the Spanish market. Their professionalism and knowledge of the market allows us to satisfy the most demanding customers through their personalised advice.

It also offers us a determining factor thanks to its technological advances. It allows us to distribute our product exclusively on the platform, reaching insurance brokers and users.



How and when did you start the collaboration with Euroins?

H. I.Our collaboration with Euroins started more than 2 years ago, when we started with conversations to outline the scope of the project and development work to incorporate their vehicle product into our platform. At the beginning of 2019 the company was already operating in Spain exclusively distributing its product through ebroker users.

What Euroins products are you offering through your platform?

H. I.Through our platform, users have access to exclusive economic conditions of Autoway insurance, a car insurance product designed for the insurance distributor that gives them a competitive advantage, adaptability to the needs of their customers, full connectivity with the company, flexibility and simplicity in contracting. A product with an agile contracting experience that values both the reduction of administrative burdens for insurance distributors and adaptability to the needs of present and future customers.

What is the difference, what is the added value of a proposition like Euroins and ebroker?

H. I.One of the fundamental pillars on which the project is based is the interoperability of information between Euroins and the broker for the development of its business, providing connectivity and efficiency through ebroker technology and a quality product. From ebroker we have conveyed to Euroins the importance of connectivity and the use of the EIAC standard; so much so that the defined scope of integration is quite ambitious and covers all processes, until we achieve what we could define as 'ideal connectivity', all of them based 100% on the EIAC standard. Today, it is one of the companies that exchange receipt information bidirectional through ebroker.Our joint proposal gives ebroker's broker community the opportunity to cooperate with an insurer in the medium to long term, to develop a project where, as distributors, they can say what they think and for that to be translated into the product proposal to the market.

What are the joint objectives of Euroins and ebroker?

H. I.Our collaboration seeks to facilitate the marketing of products in a technological framework that contributes to numerous advantages for brokers, providing them with insurance options and services that make them more competitive. It is also our goal to achieve a stable and solid growth of the project, boosting the business of insurance brokers through ebroker as a technological hinge between them and Euroins.

Is there potential in the Spanish market for this type of specific alliances?

H. I.The insurance sector is in continuous development and now even more so with digitalization, which is why there will always be room for strategic alliances, however, it will be necessary for the proposal resulting from this collaboration to be differentiating and technology-based in order for it to be successful.

The alliance between Euroins and ebroker meets the necessary conditions to be successful in the market: an innovative project with fresh ideas that boosts the brokers' business through technology, knowledge and access to a large group of insurance distributors who are ebroker users, together with the great experience of a multinational, Euroins, which has created a great product to market in Spain and which collaborates with ebroker as a trusted partner.