The management of Euroins Greece and Euroins Claims meets the insurance brokers in Thessaloniki

June 15, 2021


On June 14th, in Thessaloniki city, Greece, the management of Euroins Greece and Euroins Claims met the insurance brokers in Thessaloniki. At the meeting the CEO of the Euroins Greece, Mr. Evgeny Ignatov, presented the achievements of Euroins Greece since 2014 until today and also the goals till the end of the year. The presentation of Mr. Evgeny Ignatov was followed by the presentation of Mr. Alexandros Skliris, Euroins Claims CEO, who presented the pioneering electronic process of recording and managing traffic accidents and stressed that through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence systems, claims management will be even more secure, faster and more efficient.

Except the Euroins Greece financial results there was presented a report on the continuing growth of the Eurohold Group – the mother company of Euroins Greece. The CEO Mr. Evgeny S. Ignatov thanked all those present for their support and trust, good collaboration and emphasized  that Euroins Greece soon will  provide them with  new innovative digital insurance products that will make Euroins Greece even more competitive on the market.

The meeting attended also the Deputy CEO Mr. Athanasios I. Smyrnis and the Commercial Director,Mr. Konstantinos Makaris.


Evgeny Ignatov, Euroins Greece CEO                Alexandros Skliris, Euroins Claims CEO           Athanasios I. Smyrnis, Euroins Greece Deputy CEO